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University in Australia Study 


Tuition Fees 

Estimated fees for one year based on 2013 rate

Entry requirements
University of Western Australia 




Master of Marketing 

1.5 years


AUD $29,110 



–   IELTS 7.0 

(each subtest 6.5)

–   Bachelor degree

(by credit average)

Monash University 



Master of Marketing 

1.5 years


AUD $33,000 



–   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

(60% GPA equivalent)

–   Work experience

(2 years including 1 year at management level)

Master of Marketing (Advanced) 

1.5 years


AUD $33,000 


–   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

(65% GPA equivalent)

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) 



Master of Marketing 

1.5 years


AUD $26,880 



–   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

(GPA 1 on scale of 4)

–   Work experience

(1 year in a relevant field)

University of New South Wales 

新南威爾斯大學 (UNSW)


Master of Commerce (Marketing) 

1.5 years


AUD $35,280 

(full course estimated fees of AUD $52,920)



–   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

(Taiwan credit average 75/100)

Master of Marketing 

1 year


AUD $35,280 


–   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

(with credit average)

–   work experience

(1 to 5 years by category)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 



Master of Business (Marketing) 

1.5 years


AUD $24,600 –   IELTS 6.5 

(each subtest 6.0)

–   Bachelor degree

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Monash University

Victoria: Melbourne


About Monash (CRICOS 00008C)


Monash is widely known to be one of Australia’s best universities. It is also one of the country’s largest education providers, with about 45,000 undergraduate and 17,000 graduate students. There are six campuses in the state of Victoria and two outside Australia, plus international alliances that include the University of Warwick in the UK. Monash University is also a reputable research centre, attracting leading academic staff from around the globe.



Study Marketing at Monash


The Monash Department of Marketing has its home in the Faculty of Business & Economics – an global leader in the Business disciplines. You will study at the Caulfield campus, about 12km from central Melbourne.

蒙納許大學市場行銷系在經濟與工商管理學院內 – 為領先全球的商業領域。您將在距離墨爾本市中心約12公里處的考菲爾德校區內進行研究學習。


Your study options at Monash include:

the Master of Marketing and the Master of Advanced Marketing




Find out about the differences between these programs next.



Course overview About the programs


A key difference between these two postgrad options at Monash is your work experience. If you already have experience working in business – whether in marketing or another business discipline – then the Master of Marketing is an excellent option for you. It is a program that suits those with some professional experience who want to go further in their career, equipped with a specialist problem-solving ability in marketing.

蒙納許大學這兩系所畢業主要的差異是您的工作經驗,若您已經有相關商業工作經驗 – 無論是行銷或是其他業務等,行銷碩士會是一個不錯的選擇。他適合納些想要在職業生涯有更多的專業經驗,以及解決市場行銷問題的能力。


The course is designed to develop your existing business skill-set with learning challenges that will also expand your knowledge of marketing through the study of relevant theory. Because it is aimed at students with professional experience, the course is designed to be flexible – this reflects Monash’s understanding that Master of Marketing students will already have areas of particular interest that they want to pursue. Flexibility in the course will support you by offering a wide range of business units to choose. On graduating, you’ll be better equipped for any business-related career.



And what if you are a recent graduate, nearer the start of your career? Perhaps you lack  industry experience, but you have a strong interest in the kind of business where marketing features heavily. The Master of Advanced Marketing could be perfect for you. This program aims to produce graduates who think creatively and who can produce innovative solutions to the kind of challenges that Marketers face in today’s increasingly globalised community.



Monash aims to produce graduates who are perceptive, capable of thinking critically and applying the knowledge they have of Marketing theory in real-world situations. What is the teaching approach? To produce this kind of graduate the course gives students a diverse range of learning experiences – described by Monash as ‘highly interactive’. So in your lectures, seminars and discussion groups the emphasis is on engaging you while taking you in directions that’ll stimulate you intellectually.



Master of Marketing core units:


  • Foundations of Marketing行銷基礎
  • Theory and Process of Buyer Behaviour理論與買家行為過程
  • Integrated Marketing Communication整合行銷傳播
  • Marketing Research市場研究
  • Assessing Marketing Performance行銷績效評估
  • Case Studies in Marketing Strategy行銷策略個案研究


Master of Advanced Marketing core units:


  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing行銷當前問題
  • Advanced Business Research Methods進階商業研究方法
  • Advanced Buyer Behaviour進階買家行為
  • Advanced Marketing Communication進階行銷傳播
  • Strategic Brand Management品牌管理策略
  • Case Studies in Marketing Strategy行銷策略個案研究

Elective courses and broadening your degree:


For either Masters degree, you also choose 6 electives. Below are just a few Marketing examples:任何一個碩士課程,您可以有6們選修,以下以行銷課程為例:

  • International marketing國際行銷
  • Business-to-business marketing企業間行銷
  • Social media marketing社會媒體行銷
  • Strategic brand management品牌策略管理
  • Marketing financial services金融推廣服務
  • Marketing decision analysis市場行銷策略分析
  • Relationship marketing關係行銷
  • Direct marketing直銷


You can also broaden your study experience by choosing 2 elective courses from outside your main field.

What do you need to enter this program?


For both Masters degrees, English language entrance requirements are IELTS Academic 6.5 overall, with no band score below 6.0. For either degree you should have a Bachelor degree and the university will pay attention to your credit average, which should be equivalent to a good Australian Bachelors. Here, there is a difference between the two degrees because the Master of Advanced Marketing requires a slightly higher credit average (65%) than the Master of Marketing (60%). The main difference between the two Masters options is work experience. If you want to apply for the Master of Marketing then you must have two years of experience working full-time in a Marketing-relevant field, with one of those years at management level.



No work experience? Then the Master of Advanced Marketing is more suitable for you.

If you have not completed a Bachelors degree, is it still possible to join Monash?



Yes, with the right professional experience but no Bachelors degree, you still have the option of a special access course called the Executive Certificate in Business. This course of four study units can be completed in one semester, giving experienced and accomplished professionals access to the Masters degrees at Monash.



Career Who are the Monash graduates?

Graduates of the Marketing programs at Monash University are sought after by a wide range of employers and organisations.




Where do graduates work?畢業生有哪些工作選擇?

  • International marketing國際行銷
  • Marketing communication行銷傳播
  • Relationship marketing關係行銷
  • Retailing零售
  • Advertising廣告
  • Market research行銷市場研究
  • Product management產品管理
  • Brand management品牌管理
  • Retailing and digital marketing零售與媒體行銷
  • Graduates can take up teaching and research roles in academia可在學術界擔任教學與研究角色
  • Graduates take on roles in government and non-governmental organisations (NGO)可在政府或非政府組織工作


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Queensland University of Technology

Queensland: Brisbane


About QUT (CRICOS 00213J)


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is based in Brisbane. QUT has a student population of around 40,000, of which international students make up about 15%.



Study Marketing at QUT


For postgraduate study in Marketing you will be joining the QUT Business School. Your masters degree is taught at Gardens Point – the university’s campus in Brisbane city centre – surrounded by the Brisbane river.

At QUT you will join the Master of Business (Marketing).




Course overview About the program


QUT’s Master of Business (Marketing) has been created to suit those who are already involved in marketing work, or those who want to develop their marketing capability. This degree is also an opportunity for those who wish to shift the direction of their career towards marketing.



On the course you will build key skills in marketing management as this relates to business. QUT’s program has a practical focus, but students deal with the cutting edge of thinking within the frame of marketing management. The Master of Business (Marketing) aims to enhance your knowledge of different industries linked most closely to marketing activity; it will develop your sensitivity to threats as well as to opportunities in Australian business environments and in a global context. It’s an approach that is carefully designed to support your study of strategy, tactics and planning – giving you the experience you need to act effectively on a scale that fits each challenge.



Key study units for this popular QUT program include:


  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing當代市場行銷問題
  • Integrated Marketing Communication整合行銷傳播
  • Marketing Internationally國際行銷
  • Marketing and Survey Research行銷與調查研究
  • Product and Service Innovation產品和服務創新
  • Services Marketing服務行銷
  • Strategic Marketing Management戰略行銷管理


What do you need to enter this program?


You will need an IELTS overall score of 6.5, with every band score at 6.0 or above. And you will already have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent – which can be in any subject. Your Bachelors degree needs a GPA of 4.0, calculated using a 7 point scale.



Career Who are the QUT Marketing graduates?


QUT has a great record for graduate employment, and this degree could see you working in a range of Marketing or Management positions.



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